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Welcome to PestBrothers – your reliable destination for comprehensive and effective pest control services. With 10 years of collective industry experience, our founders we are committed to providing unparalleled expertise in pest management. We are proudly born and raised locally and serve the Oklahoma City Metro area, making sure that homes and businesses remain free from the nuisances of unwanted pests.

Here at PestBrothers, the satisfaction of knowing our efforts have contributed to countless homes and businesses’ well-being is immeasurable. Our journey towards excellence, transparency, and embracing eco-friendly alternatives has transformed us into trailblazers in an industry that demands constant innovation and unwavering empathy. The PestBrothers difference, where we’re not just about pest control – we’re about enhancing lives.

Our Founding Mission

At the very heart of PestBrothers lies a resolute mission that fuels our every action – to offer pest control services that reflect our commitment to transparency, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. Our journey began with a desire to revolutionize the pest control industry, delivering solutions that not only eliminate pests but also align with our client’s values and well-being.

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Our Approach to Pest Control


PestBrothers takes pest management to the next level. We don’t just eliminate pests – we make sure that they stay away. Our custom approach is rooted in eco-friendly practices, guaranteeing the well-being of your family, pets, and the environment.

Why Choose PestBrothers?


When it comes to safeguarding your home from pests, PestBrothers stands out as the ideal choice for several reasons. First and foremost, our deep-rooted local expertise makes us your true community partner. Having our roots firmly planted in Oklahoma City, we comprehend the distinct pest challenges that this area presents. This understanding allows us to create custom solutions to precisely tackle the pests that are prevalent in our region, ensuring a more effective and customized approach to pest management in your home.

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Ready to Reclaim Your Space?

When you partner with PestBrothers, you’re not just hiring a pest control service – you’re enlisting a team of experts who are committed to creating a pest-free environment that’s truly yours. Our journey together begins with a consultation to create a solution for your specific concerns. We take the time to understand your unique pest challenges, allowing us to design a comprehensive strategy that addresses your needs.

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